GOBASE is a collaboration between the laboratories of Dr. Gertraud Burger (PI) and Dr. B. Franz Lang, who are members of the OGMP (Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program). GOBASE is supported by the Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR). This database was initially devised by Dr. Tim Littlejohn and implemented by Dr. Maria Korab-Laskowska (analysis, database design and development), Pierre Rioux (analysis, development and system administration) and Nicolas Brossard (programming).

Starting in 2002, we developed a second database, the Protist EST Database (PEPdb), as part of the Protist EST Program, an interdisciplinary research collaboration between six Canadian universities funded by Genome Canada.PEPdb, renamed TBestDB (Taxonomically Broad EST DataBase) after the conclusion of the Protist EST Program in 2006, stores and analyses large volumes of data concerning the expressed sequences of a phylogenetically broad range of single-celled eukaryotes.

Bioinformatics development at Université de Montréal has historically been organised in two groups. The Database Group is made up of Dr. Emmet A. O'Brien (database design, systems analysis and development), Yue Zhang (data curation) and Wole Badejoko (interface and database population programming).. The development and integration of tools for working with the data previously carried out by the AnaBench Group has been folded into the Database Group's operations as of June 2006.

A more detailed description of the individual group members' contributions to these projects is listed below.

Individual Contributions

Burger, Gertraud (Principal Investigator)

Gray, Michael W.

Lang, B. Franz

Littlejohn, Tim

UdeM Database Group

O'Brien, Emmet A. (Group Leader February 2002-present)

Zhang, Yue (September 2002 - present)

Badejoko, Wole (November 2007 - present)

Wang, Eric (June 2002 - October 2007)

Marie, Veronique (intern May-August 2002, June-August 2003; database curation Jan 2004 - Feb 2007)

Student Internships

Cesaire, Chris (September 2005 - March 2006)

Chapeaublanc, Remi (March-June 2004)

Diallo, Ousman (July-September 2006)

Fraissard, Sandrine (March-June 2004)

Letort, Sebastien (March-September 2003)

Luo, Ning (June-August 2002)

Ricault, Carole (June-August 2003)

Tremblay-Savard, Olivier (May-July 2007)


Koski, Liisa (January 2004 - December 2005)

UdeM AnaBench Group

Ricault, Carole (internship February-September 2004, project member January 2005 - May 2006)

Bretin, Cécile (internship February-September 2004, project member January 2005 - April 2006)

Fares, Sherif (Former Project Leader)

Badidi, Elarbi (Former Project Leader)

De Sousa, Cristina (internships June-September 2001, February-July 2002)

Duclouet, Bruno (internships June-September 2002, February-August 2003)

Wang, Kun (internship September 2002-January 2003)

Former members of Bioinformatics Group

Barbasiewicz, Ania (2001-2002)

Brossard, Nicolas (1995-1999)

Korab-Laskowska, Maria (1995-1999)

Liu, Lin (1999-2002)

Nip, Alexander (Informatics Group Leader 1999-2001)

Rioux, Pierre (1993-1999)

Rodriguez, Sabrina (January-December 2004)

Shimko, Nelli (1999-2002)

Yang, LiuSong (2001-2004)

Yu, Maria (August 2004 - June 2005)

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